The better the preparation the better the results

How to prepare for using Action Paint

Spray painting with Action Paint is far easier then with traditional spray paints however it is still very important to prepare correctly. It is important to have the right materials and tools to protect your surfaces and your health. You will also need to know how to prepare your item for painting and how to use proper technique to get the best results.
remember: you can always UNDO and start again

How to apply Action Paint

One of the great qualities of Action Paint and it's undo option is that it promotes spontaneity and creativity. Therefore, you will find that you paint more often and in different conditions with Action Paint than other paints. To ensure you get the best results then you need to understand how best to apply Action Paint.
Remember: the longer you can leave the remover on - the easier to remove

How to remove Action Paint

While Action Paints has lots of fantastic qualities - the most fantastic is its ability to be removed. As with all projects, you need to prepare for removal. This section will give instructions and tips on the best way to remove.