Most common questions (click for answer)

1What surfaces can I use ACTION PAINT on?
ACTION PAINT requires a clean, sealed surface for it to work correctly.
If the surface isn't clean then you are painting dirt which will reduce durability.
Action Paint is extremely gentle on surfaces so it is very unlikely it will cause any damage (always do a spot check if uncertain) therefore the main issue is surfaces that are porous or have cracks that will cause ACTION PAINT to seep into the surface. In these cases the REMOVER can only remove what it can access and the result can be staining or paint that is difficult to remove.
If water can damage a surface then ACTION PAINT and/or remover can also damage the surface.
Check out the "Instructions on Use" page for more information.
2How long should I leave ACTION PAINT before exposure to rain and elements?
ACTION PAINT is extremely fast drying. In normal temperatures it is typically touch dry in 5 minutes.
In is thoroughly dry in 1 hour however we would always recommend to let the paint dry for 24hours before exposure to rain.

Please note: surface water can damage ACTION PAINT. Because of its unique formulation prolonged submergence in water will soften the paint however when left to dry again it will revert back to normal. In some cases (eg: London rain) exposure to water can cause discoloration or "spotting".
We have a blog post on this and also see "Instructions on Use" page however the best idea is to avoid prolonged exposure to surface water if possible. We are also working on a clear coat/sealer to help with this issue.


1What happens if RENU ACTION PAINT doesn't remove?
While we can never say never we have spent a massive amount of time testing and running trials (and even testing to molecular level) to be pretty certain the paint will remove.
The key to successful removal is:
1. Apply lots of remover. Give it a good covering.
2. Give it time to work. Typically 1-2 minutes however f it is cold or the paint has been on a good while then upto 5 minutes could be needed.
3. Using a brush or cloth to agitate the remover (after about a minute) can really assist removal.
4. If the paint is cold then warm/hot water can be used to heat up the paint to make removal faster.

In general, be patient and let the remover do its job. Have fun!
2How do I order a custom colour?
We are working hard with a partner to come up with a simple way to order custom colours. At present, the best way is to message us with a RAL or PANTONE code for the colour and we can get back to you.
Note: to make custom colours viable the pricing is more expensive or the volume purchased will need to be greater. We are working hard on making this feature possible.