Action Paint

Imagine - Create - Undo (REPEAT)

Unleash your creativity with Action Paint. A paint with an undo option means you can take your creative ambition to the limit as you have a safety net of an undo option!
Action Paint

Action Paint Retail Pack

Action Paint comes in a beautiful retail pack consisting of Action paint aerosol and RENU remover


Action Paint


Action Paint is supporting England (but ready to support Brazil f England don't perform)
Action Paint

Creativity UNLEASHED!

RENU Action Paint has so many uses... go wild!

Action Paint

Creating Car Canvas!! and then removing!

Action Paint by RENU is fantastic for painting vehicles from stencils to full paint jobs. We have painted many vehicles used in Major Motion Picture films... and many cars , motorcycles and bicycles.
It is also easy to remove if you aren't as artistic as you thought!
Action Paint

Alloy Wheels

We often get asked about painting wheels with Action paint... and YES... they look fantastic and with care will last as long as you like.